Beef up your workouts and blow away fatigue with carnitine

They say bad things happen in threes — and we all learn that the hard way as we age.

It can seem like our minds, our muscles and our energy levels all start to tank at the same time!

But what if you could sharpen your brain… wipe away fatigue… and feel stronger than you have in years? And all you have to do is eat some of the most delicious foods on the planet.

A new study, published in Cell Metabolism once again proves the importance of carnitine — a natural compound found in meat and other animal products — for keeping us healthy and energetic as we age.

In an animal study conducted at Duke University, researchers found that supplementing with carnitine increased stamina by an impressive 30 per cent. That’s 30 per cent more energy to play a round of golf, weed your garden or chase around the grandchildren.

That make sense, because carnitine plays a vital role in transporting fuel to our cells. It’s important for heart health, muscle growth, energy and clearing away that tiresome brain fog we all feel as we age.

Our bodies make carnitine naturally, but our levels tend to fall off as we age. That’s especially true if you have a disease like diabetes. What makes the problem worse is that lots of seniors are wrongly advised to skip higher-fat foods like beef that are rich in carnitine.

Now there’s a good chance you’ve heard some bad things about carnitine. It gets a bit of a bad rap in the supplement industry because it’s one of those supplements — along with creatine — frequently abused by bodybuilders. Walk into any health store and you’ll see plenty of weightlifting pills and powders with scary-sounding names that are packed with high and dangerous levels of carnitine.

You’ll get all the carnitine you need by making beef, fish and poultry a regular part of your diet. Start with the protein-rich Paleo Diet I recommend to my patients — which focuses on fresh meats, fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed food — and you should keep your carnitine levels well stocked.

If you’re interested in supplementing, first talk to your doctor about an easy test that can check your carnitine levels. That will help you get started on a dose that’s right for you and that could put some spring back in your step quickly.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Supplement allows elderly people to exercise more rigorously,

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