Cancer doctors’ ignorance isn’t bliss

There’s one topic cancer doctors prefer to steer clear of: Nutritional supplements.

According to a new study, 74 per cent of conversations about supplements in cancer care are initiated by patients.

Sadly, there’s a good reason for that. Nearly 60 per cent of doctors surveyed say they’ve received no education whatsoever about the role of supplements in cancer treatment, including which to take and avoid during chemotherapy.

Put another way, your typical cancer doctor hasn’t spent five minutes reading any of the thousands of studies on the important role supplements can play in cancer care.

That’s a shame, because as Dr. Wright has shared with you in the past, supplements like fish oil, ginseng and lithium can help combat chemotherapy side effects — and studies have shown that resveratrol may make your chemotherapy even more effective.

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Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing
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  1. Cancer is one of the biggest industries. It serves doctors well to be ‘ignorant’. Thankfully we have you Dr. Rothfeld.

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