Heart patients sentenced to a life on killer drug

If you’ve ever survived the terror of a heart attack, I bet you made a simple, two-word promise to yourself.

Never again.

You’re ready to eat better, exercise more, and do anything else your doctor asks to make sure you never have to repeat that terrible ordeal.

But if your doctor asks you to start popping a blood thinner called Brilique (Brilinta in the US), it’s time to draw the line.

This same drug that’s supposed to save your life could end up killing you.

Recently, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave doctors the green light to keep you on this heart drug for the rest of your life. That’s great news for the makers AstraZeneca, which is going to make $3.5 billion a year off the deal — but it could be deadly for you.

You see, under its previous approval, you weren’t allowed to take Brilique for longer than a year. And that’s 365 days too long, if you ask me.

Because this may be one of the most worthless and dangerous drugs ever approved.

Even AstraZeneca’s own research shows that you have to treat an incredible 10,000 people with Brilique to prevent just 42 heart attacks or strokes. Meanwhile, almost the same number of people will suffer serious, life-threatening bleeds.

Here’s the worst part — when this blood thinner does cause a deadly haemorrhage, there’s absolutely no antidote on the market to stop it.

Of course, Brilique doesn’t bleed all its patients to death. Some of them just end up feeling like they’re suffocating instead.

In a clinical trial, about one in seven patients had to stop taking the drug because they couldn’t breathe.

If you need to be on a blood thinner, talk to your doctor about natural treatments like fish oil that have been proven to help prevent clots.

Because a life sentence on Brilique isn’t a life worth living.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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