Birth control pill may risk rare form of brain cancer

A Danish study has confirmed again that the birth control pill deserves a plaque alongside Vioxx and thalidomide in the Dangerous Drug Hall of Fame.

In a study, recently published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, researchers looked at all Danish women who developed a  form of brain cancer, called glioma, from 2000 to 2009. Women with gliomas were 90 per cent more likely to have been using hormonal contraceptives, like those trusty birth control pills.

The bad news about birth control pills doesn’t end there. They’ve been linked to staggering increases in breast cancer risk and may even cause thinning (weakening) bones.

The study’s lead researcher doesn’t want you to throw that packet of birth control pills in the bin just yet (I guess Big Pharma has lawyers in Denmark, too). He claims that even though the pill sends your glioma risk skyrocketing, it’s still a pretty rare disease.

Firstly, a glioma isn’t just cancer — it’s a death sentence. It’s basically incurable and 50 percent of the people diagnosed with malignant gliomas die in a year — 75 per cent die in two years.

Second, no matter what the researchers would have you believe, gliomas aren’t exactly “rare”. Gliomas kill more people each year than airplane disasters — and imagine what you’d do if you boarded a plane and the pilot told you there was a 90 per cent greater chance that it was going to crash.

I bet you’d say “no thanks” and head straight for the door — and that’s exactly the treatment your doctor deserves if he’s trying to force birth control pills on you, your daughter or granddaughter.

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Use of ‘the Pill’ Tied to Higher Risk for Rare Brain Cancer,

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