Benefits of diabetes drugs are overstated

Over the past decade, no less than 30 new diabetes drugs have been rubber-stamped by medical authorities all over the world. Talk about a drug company gold rush.

It’s just too bad that while drug company executives are filling up their pockets, thousands are paying the ultimate price for it every year.

You see, these new drugs drive down blood sugar alright — so low you could find yourself six feet under.

Between 1999 and 2011, hundreds of thousands of patients took some of these diabetes drugs and were rushed to hospital with low blood sugar problems like unconsciousness and seizures. And the older you are the higher the risk.

Meanwhile, these drugs don’t do much to protect you from the actual serious health consequences that come along with diabetes, including heart attack and stroke.

In fact, these drugs don’t even have to address these secondary diabetes complications to get approved.

In fact, all a new diabetes drug needs to prove is that it won’t INCREASE your risk of dropping dead from a heart attack by more than 30 per cent.

So, reading between the lines, these drugs can actually do MORE harm to your heart… and still get the thumbs up.

Worst still, if you follow the money you’ll find that the biggest promoters of these dangerous drugs… so-called patient advocacy groups like the American Diabetes Association… are regularly raking in millions from drug company “donations.” And then there are those so-called “expert” panels which are heavily loaded with doctors who all have strong ties to drug companies.

Fortunately there are far safer and more effective natural approaches that will not only help control your blood sugar levels, but also go a long way towards protecting you against other diabetes complications.

To start with, make the switch to the Mediterranean diet that’s been found to lower your risk of diabetes by more than 20 per cent and then add in some diabetes beating supplements — like the powerful herbal extract Berberine and blood-sugar friendly cinnamon — to your daily regimen.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing

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  1. Thanks for the useful information 🙂 My husband is on diabetes drugs and you’ve just said wjat we’ve been thinking for a while now.

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