Here’s how to avoid septic shock

From the “Rumble in the Jungle” to the “Thrilla in Manila,” boxer Muhammad Ali gave us a lifetime of memories.

He was “The Greatest” – no doubt about it. And we lost a real sports hero when Ali passed away earlier this year.

I’d actually been following his life out of the ring a bit more closely, as he’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after he’d retired, back in 1984.

That was a good 20 years before my own diagnosis – and even up until his death, it was rare for a celebrity to be so open about the disease.

But Muhammad Ali didn’t die from Parkinson’s. Ultimately, what killed him was an infection.

Ali had apparently been experiencing sepsis – which is when the body floods the bloodstream with chemicals to fight an infection, causing widespread inflammation that injures tissues and organs.

That often leads to a condition called septic shock, which is frequently fatal.

The truth is, sepsis – and septic shock – can hit any one of us. That’s especially true if you have a weakened immune system or have a surgery coming up.

There are some simple things we can all do to beef up our immune systems and prevent infections and sepsis. And these things become a lot more important the older we get.

To keep your body in prime fighting shape, boost your immunity with vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, and – because your overall health begins and ends in your gut – a daily probiotic.

These supplements – as well as others like omega-3s, curcumin, and resveratrol – also naturally combat the inflammation that can accompany an infection.

Remember to drink lots of water, too, as water helps your body naturally flush away toxins.

And finally, stick to the Paleo diet and eat only organic meats and veggies. Avoiding carbs and processed sugars can keep your immune system strong and prevent inflammation.

As we get older, infections become much more serious. It’s important to give your body the support it needs to keep these infections from getting out of hand.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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