Entresto: Are you trading heart disease for Alzheimer’s

Every time I hear Big Pharma promising some new silver-bullet cure, I put my ear to the ground and listen closely.

Because it usually isn’t long before you hear the other shoe drop.

And that other shoe just fell with a loud, sickening thud for Novartis’ new heart failure drug called Entresto. The drug was recently approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is being shipped to pharmacy shelves as we speak.

Soon, tens of thousands of patients will be taking Entresto (and the number will grow every month), which have been promised to be more powerful and effective than other heart failure drugs on the market.

But there’s a raging debate going on in the pharmaceutical  community right now about Entresto — and you’re never going to learn about it from Novartis.

French researchers have found convincing evidence that this “breakthrough” heart failure drug may actually give you Alzheimer’s disease. And that’s a trade that I’m guessing most patients won’t be lining up to make.

In this latest study, published in the European Heart Journal, the researchers raised some troubling concerns about how exactly Entresto works. It gets a little complicated, but here’s the gist.

Your body has a key enzyme that breaks down the amyloid beta plaques that accumulate in our brains and can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s. But one of the active ingredients in Entresto – known as sacubitril – prevents that enzyme from doing its job.

In other words, Entresto could help these plaques accumulate in your brain. It could lead to new cases of Alzheimer’s – or make existing cases worse.

Now Novartis is claiming the Entresto trials didn’t produce any evidence that the drug causes Alzheimer’s. Well of course not – the company never studied Alzheimer’s as a possible effect of the drug.

That’s suspicious enough. And believe it or not, the FDA is giving Novartis two years to investigate a possible link, while it continues to sell the drug! That’s because the projected annual sales for Entresto are $5 billion, and it’s rare to see the FDA to throw the brakes on a gravy train that large.

I’ve been researching and treating heart failure without dangerous drugs like Entresto for years. And I’ve found that natural supplements like carnitine, CoQ10 and Hawthorne berry can give your heart a much needed boost of energy.

Without all the debilitating drug side effects – or wondering when that other shoe is going to drop.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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