Sugar industry’s attempt to influence public health policy

UK researchers recently looked at how major Big Sugar companies were influencing supposedly objective government scientists… and what they found is more horrifying than anyone imagined.

The researchers found that large food manufacturing companies like Mars and Coca-Cola are throwing cash at government nutrition advisory panels… and in one case, Coke blatantly funded a top government nutrition and obesity scientist by handing him more than $2 million for his “research”.

That’s right, the company that brought you aspartame-laden Diet Coke have found a new way to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The study focused on British government scientists — but researchers say alarm bells should be sounding all over the US too. Many of the worst offenders… the companies handing out the most cash, like Mars and Coke, have their headquarters in the US.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you might have picked up how these sugar slingers have been pulling the strings for a very long time. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) may be on the verge of finally admitting that its 30 year war on fat was a giant farce based on limited science and probably a little coaxing from the sugar industry.

It’s no secret that medical pioneers have been screaming for years that the greatest threats to your health are added sugars and processed foods. And they’ve recommended eating plans rich in protein and whole foods, like the Mediterranean diet.

But the government’s war on fat was always about politics, not health. The moment medical authorities in the UK and across the pond started preaching “low fat,” they were endorsing a dangerous and deadly high-sugar lifestyle. They made billions for the high-carb junk food companies while global heart disease and diabetes rates shot through the roof.

As the UK researchers pointed out, you’d never head to court knowing that the judge was being paid by the defendant. And you should never accept nutrition recommendations from some government scientist with his hand in Big Food’s pocket.

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Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

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Sugar industry’s attempt to influence public health policy is ‘a major issue’,

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