False positive mammogram results in higher risk of breast cancer

According to a massive new study, published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, women with a false positive mammogram result were 39 per cent MORE likely to develop breast cancer over the following 10 years, compared to those with a true negative result.

Even more alarming: The cancer risk skyrocketed to a staggering 76 per cent when women went through breast biopsies after the false-positive mammograms.

This wasn’t just some small sample study. Researchers analyzed more than 2.2 million mammograms conducted over the course of 10 years on more than 1.3 million women aged 40 to 74.

Yet curiously, the researchers said they weren’t sure why the false-positives increased the odds of getting cancer.

You see, every mammogram exposes you to radiation that can damage your DNA. And each time you get nuked with toxic X-rays for the follow-up tests, your odds of getting cancer go up by 1 per cent.

That’s in addition to the emotional anguish caused by a “false positive” test result. All that anxiety and distress you feel certainly doesn’t improve your health — whether you actually have cancer or not.

Going through this whole ordeal doesn’t make any sense for you or your loved ones, but it makes perfect sense for the cancer industry. In fact, it’s a massive racket.

Somehow, some women who get mammograms every year like clockwork have come to believe that the screenings actually PREVENT breast cancer — not just detect its presence.

The reality is, not only do mammograms NOT prevent breast cancer, but they only detect a quarter of actual breast cancer cases — which means that even if you DO have a life-threatening cancer, the mammogram could miss it.

What the cancer industry fails to tell you is that you don’t have to zap your body with radiation to get screened for breast cancer… that’s because some doctors use an alternative method called infrared thermography for breast examinations. And, unlike mammograms, it’s painless and radiation-free.

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