Eat simple for better longevity

It’s the stuff of legends – you know, that mythical story of that wise old woman who lived well past the age of 100, was never sick a day in her life, and just passed gently into the night? Now that’s longevity to be proud of… and to aspire to!

Then again, It’s hard to believe that someone like that might actually exist, but they do!

And they’re not on some remote island where the sun always shines and rainbows never fade. They’re in Europe, Asia, Central America, and even here in the US!

The people in these areas – which scientists have nicknamed the “Blue Zones” – live out their long lives in near-perfect health. Their rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia are much lower than average (and, in some cases, are almost nonexistent).

And a new investigation reveals what people from such geographically and culturally diverse areas could possibly have in common to make them all pillars of health and wellness.

It’s not some special water they drink… or some magic pill they swallow… or some ancient tribal ritual. They don’t even eat the same food!

But according to the latest findings, their diets do share a common characteristic, and it’s a critical lifestyle choice that I’ve been sharing with you for quite some time: no processed food.

Instead, people who live in these “Blue Zone” enjoy foods raised organically in their local communities. They mostly avoid dairy. Some of these groups eat more meat than others, but many depend heavily on fish for healthy protein. They drink water in abundance… and alcohol in moderation.

Our bodies just weren’t designed to safely process tons massive amounts of sugar, chemical additives and preservatives, toxic pesticides, and refined grain products!

But when you enjoy the God-given bounty of fresh, local, and organic meats and produce and wild-caught fish, you’re eating as our ancestors ate. That’s why I always recommend that my patients try the Paleo, or “Caveman,” diet – especially because it includes lots of delicious, nutritious, and filling foods that don’t come in a box, a bag, or a can.

Food isn’t the only thing that the world’s healthiest people have in common. And you don’t have to live in Japan, Italy, Greece, Costa Rica, or even California to be one of them.

They all take a more “back to basics” approach to several aspects of daily life, spending plenty of active time outdoors. Walking, gardening, playing with their grandchildren or pets, or cleaning up your garden are all great ways to get moving – and research has found that it only takes 15 minutes to add years to your life.

Getting some exercise shouldn’t feel like hard work. Take a break, relax, and do something you enjoy – because if you’re going to live longer, you might as well have some fun with those extra years.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Eating To Break 100: Longevity Diet Tips From The Blue Zones,

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  1. Your article sort of states the obvious. But these people don’t know how to get back to basics, which is probably why they need a reminder from doctors like you.

  2. My dad ate three types of animal protein a day – with every meal – and had 8 servings of vegetables, stayed away from bread and sugar and he lives until he was 90. Died in his sleep and the doctors could not ever say what the cause of his death was – no obvious or known health problems. I think he just decided that he had lived long enough and that it was time for him to go.

  3. Everyone should no this, but somehow we now live in a world where canned and packaged food are considered healthy.

  4. My parent live in a remote village where there isn’t a supermarket, so they get their food fresh from local farmers. They are fit as fiddles and look years younger than their peers who live in towns.

  5. People need to chill out. The way the world is going with Trump and all his jazz, who want to live forever anyway?

  6. Eating simple and “clean” doesn’t mean that your food must be boring. But we’ve become so used to added sugar and flavourings to our food that we have forgotten how wonderful fresh food can taste.

  7. It’s a pity pizza is not considered a simple healthy food… because if it was, I would live till a hundred.

  8. Do you have a contact email for Dr. Rothfeld? I have a personal (and sensitive) question I would like to ask him but I don’t want him to address it in one of his eTips.

  9. People will be amazed if they see how easy it is to turn your health around by simply starting with healthy eating habits.

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