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Balance your hormones to ease polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a leading cause of endocrine dysfunction in women – and it could be the reason you haven’t become a grandparent yet. Here’s how restoring balance to the [...]

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Broccoli can help you lose weight

A compound in broccoli can offset the negative impact of obesity on your body by reducing inflammation, supporting your liver, and controlling increases in weight, blood sugar, and fat. But [...]

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Good gut bacteria can help prevent childhood asthma

We’ve grown up with the idea that bacteria is bad for you. But it isn’t always… at least if it’s the kind that helps to protect children from developing asthma.

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Exercise is essential for heart attack recovery

Physical activity is a good preventative measure against heart attack. It’s also good for recovery if you’ve already survived a heart attack. But according to a recent study, most heart attack [...]

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No matter your concern, find new hope with Natural Medicine’s Leading Voice

For nearly 35 years, Dr. Rothfeld has helped patients identify and conquer the true underlying causes of diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, memory loss and heart disease. As an author of nine books on everything from thyroid disorders to back pain, he has helped thousands find lasting solutions to even the most stubborn health problems.

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Dr. Rothfeld

Dr. Rothfeld is a blessing! He changed my life AND saved my life.

Jennifer M.

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld has kept me alive and healthy since my first surgery for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma over 15 years ago. I've never needed chemotherapy nor radiation treatments due to his masterful care. He truly practices the ART of medicine on the highest level.

Charles E.

My daughter was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 17. The doctors in my area basically wrote her off! After seeing Dr. Rothfeld, he found that she actually had Lyme Disease indicators and began treatment immediately. Within 6 months, she went from being completely bedridden to well enough to work full time! Today she is a graduate student pursuing a degree as a nurse practitioner. I can’t thank Dr. Rothfeld enough… he is one in a million.

Joan R.